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Vedic Sanskar Services

Arya Samaj Greater Houston and Vedic Culture Center has two highly qualified priests who conduct all Vedic Sanskars at your home or place of your business. Acharya Dr. Suryanarayan Nanda and Acharya Dr. Harish Chandra have performed numerous Weddings, Namkaran Sanskars, Mundan Sanskars, Birthdays, Greh Parvesh, New Buisness Opening Ceremony to name a few. At the choice of Yajman, Arya Samaj will provide all the necessary samagri and other requirements for conducting the ceremony.

The mission of Institutions like Arya Samaj is to provide community services, yet depend upon donations for its operation. Your generosity rather than the suggested minimum donation listed below, is highly appreciated.

Weddings, local, in town……………$501

Weddings, out of town……………$1001 plus all travel expenses

Birthdays, Namkaran, Mundan, Greh Parvesh and other Sanskars……………$151

Funeral Services……………$ 301

Note: In the past, Arya Samaj has provided services, especially, for funeral etc. free of any charge in case of genuine financial hardship cases and will do the same in the future.. Please call Arya Samaj Greater Houston 281-752-0100 or Acharya Suryanarayan Ji at (832) 867-4126 or Acharya Harish Chandra Ji at (832) 874-3248 for additional information.