Bhojan Mantra

Before starting eating, students should put their hands together and recite the following mantra with devotion. Their family members should join them. At the last word ‘Shantih’, all should bow their head. Food should be accepted and eaten gracefully with gratitude.

“Family that prays together, eats together, stays together”.

3म् अन्नपतेSन्नस्य नो देह्यनमीवस्य शुष्मिणः/

प्र प्रदातारं तारिष ऊर्ज्जं नो धेहि द्विपदे चतुष्पदे //

3म् शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ! - यजुर्वेद ११.८३

नानाविध अन्नों के दाता, सब विध अन्न प्रदान करो,
रोग रहित और पुष्टि कारक, अन्न दे ओज प्रदान करो /
अन्न दाता के मंगल कर्ता, ऐसा प्रभु विधान करो

प्राणी मात्र सब पायें भोजन, सबको (सुख-) शान्ति प्रदान करो //

Om Annapate annasya no dehyana-meevasya shushminah,

Pra pradaataaram taarish oorjam no dhehi dvipade chatushpade.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih ! –yajurved 11.83

O Lord Provider of food grains, & all edibles

Thanks for giving us food today.

May this food be decease-free and nourishing,

And be it good for my body, mind & soul, I pray !

O Benefactor of the donors & providers of food,

May all living receive their sustenance every day !

Peace be on all, everywhere, all times!

Simple Translations for students:

Dear God! Thanks for giving us food today. May this food be (nourishing) good for my

body, mind & Soul! Please provide food & peace to all people, animals & all creatures, at all times. ______________________________________________________________________

DAVMS-DAVSS SHLK-MANT-05 (00) Bhojan Mantra Arya Samaj of Greater Houston

Compiled/translation/transliteration by: Acharya Praveen 10-03-2011