Our Benefactors, Supporters and Volunteers

It is rightly said: Often give, receive often!!

Arya Samaj Greater Houston as it stands today represents the generous contributions of time, talent and money of many, many individuals, some groups and a few corporations. The generosity and foresight of each and every one of our donors is very much appreciated. Their funds and continued support have enabled the building of an institution dedicated to the preservation of the best within Vedic Dharma, the transmission of our Vedic culture and values to the next generation and the rendition of needed services to the community.

Friends have come forward to support this organization in so many ways, we feel truly blessed. DAV Montessori School and DAV Sanskriti School have benefited greatly from the expertise and assistance of various champions. We are especially grateful to those patrons who provide subsidies so that the children of their employees can enjoy the best of both worlds at DAV Montessori School. So many doctors, physicians and medical experts have helped make our Health seminars most informative and useful for our members. We sincerely appreciate their kindness in sharing their knowledge with the community.

We recognize the families who host the satsang as yajmaans and provide prasad to the congregation each week of the year. To the scores of volunteers who, with their hard work, time, talent and team spirit, have made every occasion and initiative of ASGH a resounding success, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for their contributions. But we will say it here anyway, THANK YOU ALL. Arya Samaj Greater Houston exists only because of your involvement and commitment. We request all members to come forward and lend a helping hand whenever possible.

ASGH needs regular funding to meet the annual operating expenses of the temple and schools. We seek financial assistance from our members and friends to enable us to continue our work for the benefit of the community. Please join the ASGH family and pledge your support to the worthwhile endeavor of "Making the world noble".The annual pledge form is available at the front desk. All donations to ASGH are fully tax-deductible. Please contact Mr. Dev Mahajan @ 713-468-4339 or any member of the management committee for details.