Yoga for Body, Mind & Spirit—Free Weekend Classes at ASGH

Yoga means joining the soul with God. Rishi Patanjali says, “Yogas chitta vrtti nirodhah.” Yoga is control and cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga, an ancient science is designed to cure the modern day maladies of anxiety and stress. Yoga boosts a person's capacity to bear stress, i.e. it augments one's "stress stamina". Yoga improves all the five states of our being through Hatha-yoga for our physical body, Pranayama for our breath, meditation for our mind, Jnana-yoga for our intellect and Bhakti-yoga for our soul.

Regular practice of asanas increases flexibility and focus, reduces fat and flatulence, relaxes muscles, improves digestion and induces a feeling of well-being.

Pranayama makes us aware of the act of breathing, which all living beings engage in from birth to death. The methodical elongation of each breath during Pranayama has a direct and dramatic impact on longevity and good health.

Meditation enables us to move away from the physical or gross level to the spiritual or subtle state of being, and gradually leads us to inner freedom, the most important component of our life. It enhances our peace of mind, concentration, sense of detachment, and helps manifest the divinity in man.

Free Yoga classes, which include instruction in asanas, pranayama and meditation, are conducted at ASGH on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8.00 am to 9:30 am as a service to the community. Please call Shekhar Agrawal 281-242-5000 for more information.