Sunday Satsang

Satsang means to be with the truth. In the routine hectic life full of all cares and concerns, every soul seeks peace, happiness, and bliss. God is the absolute truth. To attain peace and truth, find solace and support in God's grace and good company, human beings join Satsang in the temples according to their beliefs and faith. He or she desires to listen to the Holy Scriptures and prays to God and sing songs in His praise.

Arya Samaj Greater Houston conducts Satsang every Sunday 10:00 to 12:00 noon to serve this need of the community and propagate the message and principles of Vedic Dharma. Timing of Sunday Satsang is coordinated in such a way that while children attend DAV Sanskriti School, their parents get the opportunity to participate in Satsang.

Satsang begins with the Meditation, a very powerful means to ameliorate the restless wandering mind and enjoy the presence in one's heart and life. Meditation is an essential step in the spiritual journey. It brings silence and solace, an inexpressible experience of peace to reach God.

Havan is performed completely in Vedic way with special Vedic Verses according to the occasion. Havan is also a weekly reminder to the present congregation that we must undertake all actions with a sense of sacrifice, love and devotion. Our deeds are our destiny. All good actions done with good intentions will always lead to good results. The message of Havan is "Idanna Mamma" which means this is not for me. All good actions are for the benefits of the society at large. For all the living creatures Satsang gives the congregation an opportunity to celebrate various occasions of achievements, birthdays or anniversaries together and remember the loved ones. Satsang fosters a sense of true belongingness and selflessness.

Bhajans (devotional songs) are an important part of our Satsang. These Bhajans are led by a professional teacher and talented singers among the members and sung in unison by the congregation. Bhajans remind us that while many paths lead to attain the bliss of God there may be none so enjoyable as singing His praise.

In our weekly Satsang children of D.A.V Sanskriti School are encouraged to speak on different topics related to social, cultural and Dharmic issues. This way, children not only learn to get rid of the fear of public speaking but also they have an opportunity to show what they are learning in the Sanskriti School.

Another important feature of the Satsang is the Pravachan (discourse) by Acharyaji. The Pravachan is based on the verses from Vedas, Bhagwat Gita, Upnishads and other holy scriptures of Vedic Dharma. The objective of the Pravachan is to encourage members practice the sacred teachings to enhance their daily lives. The program ends with the Aarti sung in unison by the congregation.

Yajaman Guidelines

All Yajman families are requested to arrive at the Yajna Vedi by 9:45 am and stay there with their famiies till the Havan is complete and Acharya ji has given his blessings to all. After completion of Havan, they may sit on the floor or in chairs as they feel comfortable.

Please keep your cell phones off in the main hall.

If small children are with you, please keep them in control to maintain a peaceful atmosphere during the Satsang.

For the first 12 minutes, we do meditation, and keep the main hall doors closed to maintain a serene environment. If you have invited friends to join you in the Havan, please inform them to arrive either before 10:00 am or at 10:12 am.

All Dakshina/donations should be made to Arya Samaj Greater Houston and be handed to Acharya Ji after the Satsang. If Acharya ji is not available, please give the donation to the person helping you conduct the Havan. (Suggested minimum donation $351, which includes the simple Rishi Langar/Priti Bhoj (Lunch) and the Dakshina for Havan)

Arya Samaj provides the Samigri, Ghee, Samidha etc. needed for the Havan, and the paper goods required for the Priti Bhoj.
Please help setting up the Yajna Vedi before the Havan and cleaning up after it. Also help us in cleaning up the kitchen and dining area after the Satsang.