O God! You are giver of life, remover of pains and bestower of happiness. O Creator of the universe! we meditate upon thy most adorable supreme light. May you direct our intellect on to the righteous path.
Rigveda 3/62/10


I glorify all-knowing, ever-worshipful Lord of the universe, who existed before its creation, who is bestower of all cherished desires and master of all precious materials.
Rig Veda 1/1/1


He is called Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, Divya, Suparna, Garutmaan, Yama and Maatarishvaa etc. God is one, wise call him by many names.
Rig Veda 1/164/46


We should, with fervent devotion, adore him who is blissful and holy, the well known self-illuminated, creator of the earth and all luminous bodies like the sun, and the master of the universe who existed before creation.
Yajur Veda 13/4


By truthfulness, austerity, right knowledge and Brahmacharya (Self control and purity) can that God be attained. He whom the sinless ascetics behold is pure and is like a light within the body.
Mundakopanishad 3/1/5


O man, He is the Brahma or Supreme Being whose design has brought forth all these planets and other material bodies, in whom the sentient beings live and die. Desire to know him.
Taitireeyopanishad Bhriguvalli Anuvaka 1


O man, He is the Supreme Spirit, from whose hands this creation has come out, who sustains and destroys it, who is the Lord of this universe, in whom this universe lives, moves and dies. Know him and do not believe any other being to be the creator of the world.
Rig Veda 10/129/7


The one supreme ruler, the universal soul within all beings, is the one who makes one form manifold. Eternal happiness belongs to those wise men, who perceive him within themselves, and not to others.
Kathopanishad 5/12


He (God) is all pervading, supreme spirit. He is bodyless, He can have no wounds. He is sinew-less, pure, and free from sins. He is all-knowing. He witnesses every thing. He is present everywhere. He is self-existent. He revealed the right knowledge of things through the Vedas, the eternal source of knowledge, to his eternal children, the souls.
Yajur Veda 40/8


What pleasure can one derive from the study of the Vedas without knowing the Supreme Being, the all-pervading, immortal and most excellent Lord, the knowledge of whom is the sole end of the Vedas, and in whom all the learned people with earth, sun and other worlds live, move and have their being.
Rig Veda 1/164/39


The Lord Says: I declare this speech of the four Vedas, for all the people, irrespective of their gender or status in their society, so as to do good to them in this world and after.
Yajur Veda 26/2


Salutations unto God, the most exalted, who rules the past, the present and the future, who controls the entire universe and alone is the lord of all.
Atharva Veda 10/8/1


From that universally adorable Lord were produced Rig Veda and Saama Veda. From him the Atharva Veda took its birth and the Yajur Veda was produced by him.
-Rig Veda 10/90/9


The heaven and earth are absolute. Absolute is derived from the absolute. The absolute remains absolute, even after the whole is subtracted from it.
Brihad Aaranyaka Upanishad 5/1/1


O God, Thou are the creator of the whole world! May you remove from our midst all vices and sins, and bestow upon us whatever is blessed and auspicious.
Yajurveda 30/3


O self-illuminated Lord, cast out from us all what is debasing and sinful, and lead us by the path of righteousness to the attainment of true knowledge and wordly riches. We offer to you deep respect and praise.
Yajur Veda 40/16


O God! the most glorious supreme being, make us wise in this very life time, bless us with that retentive intellect out of your grace for which the learned and the noble pray to you.
Yajur Veda 32/14


O you mankind! May you lead on to a common goal, may your speech be common, and may your minds and thoughts be in harmony with each other. May your prayers also be common like those of enlightened persons.
Rig Veda 10/191/2


I know this Mighty Being, radiant as the sun, beyond the darkness of ignorance. By knowing him alone can one surpass the jaws of death. There is no other way for the achievement of the desired destination.
Yajur Veda 31/18


O God, lead us from untruth to truth. Lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and wisdom. Lead us from death to immortality.
Brihad Aaranyaka Upanishad 1/3/28


That mind of mine which is the light of lights, which in man's waking state as well as when he is asleep travels far and wide. May that mind of mine be of divine qualities and noble resolves.
Yajur Veda 34/1


Our adoration to God, the blissful and the giver of all bliss; to the tranquil and the giver of tranquility; to the all-joy and the giver of joy!
Yajur Veda 16/41


O the prominent learned and noble people, augmenting your strength, giving up wickedness, invigorating all noble acts, make the world noble.
Rig Veda 9/63/5


The man should desire to live in this world, doing always virtuous deeds, (without desire for reward) for a hundred years or more. This way and only this way, can he escape influence of vicious deeds.
Yajur Veda 40/2


May we unswervingly follow the blessed path of welfare as do the sun and the moon. May we move in the society of the learned and the pious who are charitably disposed and non-violent in their deeds.
Rig Veda 5/51/15


Always speak the truth
Taitireeya Upanishad 7/11


Follow the path of righteousness
Taitireeya Upanishad 7/11


All this whatsoever, moves in this universe, is pervaded by God. Enjoy with renunciation. Covet not the wealth of others.
Yajur Veda 40/1


O Lord, may we be free from fear from mid-regions, brighter regions, and the earth. May we not entertain fear from any quarter front, behind, above or below.
Atharva Veda 19/15/5


O Lord, may we be not afraid of our friends or foes, of things known and unknown. May we be free from fear during day as well as during night, and may all directions be friendly towards us.
Atharva Veda 19/15/6


O Lord of peace! May there be peace in heaven, in sky and on earth. May the waters, medicinal herbs and all other vegetation be peaceful to us. May all the learned and enlightened bestow peace upon us. May the Vedas and the entire universe be suitable and peace-giving to us. May that all embracing peace remain eternally with us.
Yajurveda 36/17