Breakfast Yoga Club Houston held their first session of the year at Arya Samaj Houston


Anybody can serve... all you need is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


A hall full of yogis congregated at the Arya Samaj Greater Houston Center on Saturday, January 19th, morning for a free two hour class of Yoga to the community. In observance of the National Day of Service, the Arya Samaj Greater Houston collaborated with Houston Breakfast Yoga Club for this session. Serving the community and offering Sewa with a heart full of love is one of the main objectives of the Houston Breakfast Yoga Club. These objectives align with those of the Arya Samaj, whose motto is to make the world noble.


The session began with an opening gratitude speech focused on Sewa, by Jennifer Plessner, a BYC ambassador, followed by an eruption of great laughter, as a means of “letting go” of stress and negativity, and inviting positivity and relaxation to the mind almost instantly. The practice commenced with experienced yoga teachers of the Houston area, who took the students through a full series of various “Asanas” supported and guided by volunteers to help facilitate the mind body connection. During savasana, the yogis relaxed to an enlightened state accompanied by the melodious tune of Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, played by Jeff Newton on the harmonium. The practice ended with a full guided “Pranayama” and a brief meditation practice.


The Breakfast Yoga Club is a grassroots organization sustained entirely by volunteers, with its mission to unite the yoga community by offering donation based yoga that honors all traditions of yoga. The BYC is yoga without borders and is not affiliated with any particular studio. BYC creates monthly yoga events at different locations around Houston by inviting a variety of teachers from different styles to participate in teaching a round robin style practice. This month, the featured teachers were: Sangeeta Barwey, Dana Nicole Sweet, Mia Shikapwashya and Shekhar Agrawal.


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