In this section are presented audio recordings of pravachans at Sunday Satsangs by Acharya Suryanarayan Nanda on Kathopinshada.

This brief excerpt from Wikipedia provides an overview of Kathopanishad.

Kathopanishad or Katha Upanishad provides us with the knowledge of Atma (Soul or “Self”) through a medium of a story of a conversation between a child and Yama (Death).  Here, Yama (Death or mritayu) is addressed as an Acharya (teacher)

Yama's teaching notably uses an analogy of body and soul to a chariot.  According to him,

Atman, the "Self", is the chariot's passenger.

The body is the chariot itself.

Consciousness (buddhi) is the chariot driver.

The mind (mana) is the reins.

The five senses (indriya) are the horses.

The objects perceived by the senses are the chariot's path


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