Matter and Spirit : Unified Theory

by Acharya Harish Chandra

December 2015

Any philosophy must describe ALL events seen in the world in a logical, rational and consistent framework. This is quite a challenge particularly that the universe came into existence prior to the advent of humanity on the earth. Also, humans have all sorts of limitations and the universe is infinitely large. Indeed, there are things happening even on the earth that continue to remain shrouded with mystery for our finest minds. Very close to us, we are not fully aware of what exists between our two ears – the human brain. The mystery of our consciousness continues to chase us. We have no final answer to the related questions: its true nature; its ultimate seat in our body frame; different states of waking, dream and sleep; death and its irreversibility, and so on. Interplay of matter and spirit/soul (if the latter exists with inherent consciousness) is an intriguing challenge. Are they two independent things, or matter in certain favorable conditions gives rise to consciousness. Will it ever be possible for us to develop a unified theory for both matter and spirit?
Arya Samaj is fortunate to have inherited strong foundations from its founder, Maharshi Dayanand Sarasvati (1825-’83) in terms of the Vedic principles. Humanity as a whole will be excited to learn the unified theory of the Vedas.