Why Arya Samaj?

by Acharya Harish Chandra

July 2015

Today humanity stands divided between science and religion. Science is one for all and everybody benefits from its advancement. On the other hand, religions are in multitude though they advocate one God – they are faith-based and sectarian, relying on one dogma or another.  It is observed that the most of the present conflicts are between followers of one religion with those of another. Also, it is seen that young and intelligent people are renouncing religion in the present Age of Science. However, modern science does not have answers to many questions such as: the true nature of our consciousness, how the universe came into existence, and more importantly, why? From a human perspective, every thinking individual stands at a crossroad and seeks an answer to the questions: Who am I? Where I came from? Where will I go after some years? What is the purpose of my life and how can I attain them in the limited years I have in hand? How to make life a more purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience? Arya Samaj is a unique organization – not another religion. I strongly urge every intelligent human being – get to know the most ancient Vedic philosophy that has its own answers to all the above questions. The unique feature of this ancient civilization is that this is the only ancient civilization that continues to survive. Though the people who know and understand it are in microscopic minority yet we can together make a huge difference to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. You may not accept its answers at the end but they are worth knowing. I will take up one related issue every month in these columns to give you a glimpse of what I am deeply proud of. I will look forward to your feedback that may suggest what more to include as we traverse this beautiful journey together.